Meet Katy Kvalvik

Meet Katy Kvalvik

Name: Katy Kvalvik

Gender: Female

Location:  California


Title of Profession: Executive Coach & Speaker

Skill sets: Integrative Health Expert, Advanced Communication Expert

Super Power: Listening through feeling.

About Katy & her work:  Katy is an executive coach and speaker. She speaks all over the world on advanced communication skills, leadership presence, influence and negotiation and integrative health. She works with groups, teams, and organizations as well through her company, Performance Empowerment Group. She also is a partner at the communication training company, Heroic Voice Academy, which is focused on supporting global impact leaders and organizations.  

After suffering two major accidents, healing her body, and deciding that people should not have to suffer the way she did to get answers, Katy founded the Harmony Method®, an integrative leadership and total lifestyle system blending ancient wisdom with modern science. This includes 10 online programs with step-by-step strategies. Katy is very aware of the challenges today’s executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators face, which is why she now has dedicated herself to helping and inspiring leaders all over the world to develop strategies for success and achieve optimal results.

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