Charlene Jessica Parker

Charlene Jessica Parker

NameCharlene Jessica Parker

Location – LA

Gender/Role – female/wild guide (new website will be up and launched soon)

Instagram Handle or Facebook Link@charlenejessicaparker

Professional Title & Super PowerEvolutionary Catalyst // Full Spectrum Being

What’s your mission / purpose?To help people change the world from the inside out.

When & How did you know you were a Wild Woman?  – I went through all of my childhood knowing I was different. I played hockey for years and would go home and play with my barbies. In 8th grade I left my flag football practice at my junior high to go to my competitive cheer-leading team practice. I showed up a bit dirty and with cleats on. I knew then, I didn’t do things the way other people did and I was just as fierce and bad-ass as I was sweet and graceful.


What’s some WILD advice you’d give our guests?Wake up your spine! There is so much dormant energy inside of your body, it’s time to move in ways that you didn’t know were possible. Typical yoga doesn’t even begin to access the fullness of the potential in our spine!

And allow yourself to be FIERCE. This isn’t about masculine or feminine, but it is the more yang side of the feminine. What pisses you off in the world? About yourself? It’s time to roar and stop playing small for yourself and for the world! You annoyed as fuck about a habit you keep doing? Be fierce with your self and just stop! Skip the self criticism and the waivering BS and just make a change. Self love isn’t about making excuses that let us off the hook of real change. It’s time to love ourselves so fiercely that we can’t help but consciously evolve.


What do you think is the biggest challenge for people in today’s society?Disconnected from themselves as God. Too much sitting. Lack of breath.


Anything else you’d like to add? Maybe a question for our audience?Where in your life do you notice you get the most frustrated / sad about the state of the world or other people’s choices? (Example / when you see your friends eating chemical ridden dead food, or when you hear about children in poverty, etc. )
Can you channel this anger and grief into action?
What if you weren’t afraid to call out your friend who uses a ton of plastic or eats badly?
Or you did something huge and innovative to start to eradicate that which most makes you cringe?

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