Name: Charlotte Victoria
Job: It’s tough to put what I do into a category. I create. I do whatever is in my highest excitement and I do it well. Painting, singing, public speaking, events and hanging out with epic children.
Title: Intergalactic creator. 😉
Super Power: My super power is the ability to see beyond my 5 senses. I don’t have my full hearing so my energy is sent into playing the realm of extra sensory perception. I can see sound and feel emotions.


* What makes you a Wild Woman?
I speak my truth. I don’t hold anything back when it comes to how I feel. I give myself permission to surrender to the flow of life and honor and love my free spirit enough to keep it free in a society that tells me to cage her up as she is “too much”. Oh, and I also run alongside other wild women howling at the moon and casting spells of magic.


* When did you know you were a Wild Woman?
When I went to Ecstatic dance in Bali and completely lost myself. There was nothing holding me back anymore. I didn’t give a single f#ck about what others thought of me. By the end of the session both my feet were blessing and my pants had ripped down the middle I was going as it so hard. Finished the session with a knee slide…and that’s when I knew I was a wild woman.


* How did you accomplish your greatest obstacle?
I trusted in the divine plan of the universe and used my “failures” as fuel to propel me forward. I.don’t.give.up.


* What’s a WILD secret you can share with us?
I ate chocolate cake for breakfast this morning….oooosh someone save me from myselfffff! 😉


* What’s some WILD advice?
Stop giving a shit what others think. As a society we spend so much energy caring about what others think that it paralyses our gifts and takes us out of alignment for why we even came here in the first place. Be you….the world WILL adjust.


* Why do you believe it is hard for women to find themselves?
The woman’s voice has been suppressed for generations and we have learnt it from our mothers who learnt it from their mothers who learnt it from their mothers to silence what we really feel and need. It’s time to break the cycle and dissolve the illusion that we are not good enough.


* What tip can you give other women learning about their Wild Side?
Become the observer of your thoughts as opposed to believing you are your thoughts. Watch them as they come and go and notice any judgement that comes up around those thoughts. You are light, you are love, your thoughts are not you and when we become the observer our thoughts no longer have control over us. When we hold no judgement to the way we feel but simply allow…we give permission for all aspects of our being to come into the light including our raw, primal, wild side.


* What would you say to a women if you could give her “A GIFT” in a few words.
I see you.
I feel you.
I hear you.
And we are in this together.


* Who is your favorite Wild Woman?
Elana Meta…..duhhhhh

Have you seen this woman DANCE?! I love roaring with her on the top of a mountain.


• “I’m awesome because…” !!!
I love my weird and through loving it others love it too.

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