• Name: Cory O’Donnell White Owl Collective
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Santa Monica
  • Website:
    • Will you be attending Wild Vessel November 18th as a Wild Guide (women) or Protector (men)? – YES
    • What role will you playing there – Coach
    • Title of Profession  – Empowerment Coach
    • Other skill sets – Event Producer
  • Favorite Quote or Super Power – You’re only as good as your resources
  • What do you do for work?I created White Owl out of a need to help bring people’s light to the surface. A mashup of soul-cheerleader and business focused do’er, I use a combination of spiritual principles + goal-oriented action steps as a holistic approach to Coaching; In my world, you can’t just make a “To-Do” list, you also need a “To-Be” list.

    I’ve met thousands of people all over the world and I’ve come to understand a common theme: every person has the potential to become their best selves; the missing link is how to do it, and with what support. It was this realization that birthed White Owl concept; knowing that everyone has the power within them to be their best selves, when they choose to tap into it.

    It’s because of this that I’ve dedicated myself to helping people change their lives. I truly believe that everyone can reach their highest potential and become who they want to be. I’m here to help facilitate that; and hence, White Owl Collective was born.




What makes you a Wild Woman?

I dream big and I don’t take any shit!

When did you know you were a Wild Woman?
I think I’ve always known, to me it’s really more of a personality type. Since I was young I started to recognize when things weren’t good enough, I wanted more excitement, or I was the one to jump from the highest cliff.  I just had an appetite for more and it wasn’t always in line with what people around me were doing or thinking. There is a certain continuity in behavior and I found my rhythm when I was a kid.
How did you accomplish your greatest obstacle?
Well I probably haven’t reached my greatest obstacle yet, but up until this point…I’ve been fortunate enough to have an interesting career path.  There was a period of about ten years, beginning when I was 20, when I was on the road working with a lot of artists and musicians. My role was largely managerial and I was working with a lot of big egos, which forced me to dig inside myself to find confidence and a deep knowing, things that I wasn’t necessarily taught, but rather had to call forth from within myself. It was pretty incredible for a little 25 year old red-head to be bossing around these big musicians, not in a bossy way, but rather with a deep confidence and trust in myself, which was an incredible challenge.
What’s a WILD secret you can share with us?
I don’t really have any secrets! For a long time my big secret was Ayahuasca. I went down to Peru when I was 24, and at that time no one could spell Ayahuasca let alone travel with me all the way to South America to do it. Nobody new what it was, it definitely wasn’t hip or chic and I had to really keep it under wraps because it was illegal at the time, so when I would talk to people about it they would react like I was a crazy person, though likely wouldn’t now since lots of people are doing it.  So yeah that was a big secret for a long time.
Can you give us some WILD advice?
Be fearless, don’t over think it and enjoy the ride.
Why do you believe it’s hard for women to find themselves?
What do you mean “find themselves?” Is it hard for women to find themselves? I think this is a very interesting problem that we have with language, because by supposing that it’s “hard for women to find themselves,” we actually create a box for people to live into. Suddenly everyone is in agreement that it’s hard for women to find themselves, and that’s just defining and continuing the problem right there. So I don’t think its hard for women to find themselves, I think women are with themselves all the time and one of the main difficulties rather, is people’s acceptance of a found woman.  In a sense, women know exactly who they are when they are born, look at a five year old little girl and she’s totally stoked! Its just when we begin to put boxes around women that the problem really starts. So how do women find themselves? They go back to themselves, they know who they are.
What’s one tip you can give other women learning about their WILD side?
Be curious. Honesty with compassion is amazing, be curious and compassionate with yourself, those are the two rules!
What would you say to a woman if you could giver her ‘A GIFT’ in a few words?
You are not alone, we’ve all been there, and remember who you are.
Who is your favorite WILD Woman?
Dolly Parton…she’s a BABE!
Finish this sentence “I’m awesome because…”
Because I say I am DAMNIT!
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