Fearlessly Free And Flowing

Fearlessly Free And Flowing

By Jenny Mirambeau


What does it mean to feel free? To feel fearless?

A lot changed when I decided to be fearless. To seek freedom.

It didn’t happen over night and is certainly a never ending process, however setting intentions for this fearlessness in order to create freedom in my life was the pivotal moment in which it all  changed.

This marked the time when I became aware that I was letting my own self get in the way.

Get in the way of what, you ask.

In the way of flow, in the way of trust, in the way of freedom. Freedom to express myself, freedom to heal parts of myself that need to be worked on, freedom to learn new things, freedom to fall, get back up and do it again, the freedom to not let the energies of others or my perceptions of their thoughts lower my self esteem and sense of self. Freedom to cry, freedom to love. Freedom to play.

Play. Yes. Play.

The thing I did as a child that allowed me to feel free. Yes it still does that. Playing does not stop when we get older. Many of us simply just stop playing.

Why though? It makes us feel free and fearless.

Do we fear play? Why would we fear it? Are we embarrassed that we stopped at all and now feel silly doing it again because it’s been so long?

If so, it’s okay. I can move past that. I can simply switch up the way I think by being aware of the words I choose, which will shift my thoughts into the positive. To manifest what I want in life I must remain positive so I create whatever it is that I’m working on. So in order to play I must release anything that prevents me from being able to freely play without concern for how I look or how others view me.

I drop into the present moment and move off feeling and intuition rather than thinking and planning. I drop into flow and begin to trust because flow requires trust, since its not thinking about the past or future, it is presence.

When we operate off trust then we are no longer operating off fear.

Playing drops us into flow state which operates off trust, leaving no room for fear, thus creating freedom!

So play to find your path back to flow. Stay there and recognize when you’re not in it so you can find the pathways back to access that state.

When you stumble make it part of the dance.

Stay flowing my friends.

Keep playing.

I love you!


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