Name:  Ivy Joeva

Job:  My purpose is to facilitate healing and shed light on important issues facing our world today.

Title: Birth Doula, Holistic Health Counselor & TV Journalist

Super Power:  I hear Mama Earth

* What makes you a Wild Woman?  I refuse to be domesticated by societal norms.

* When did you know you were a Wild Woman?  

I was an in-the-closet wild woman for much of my childhood, but by the time I entered high school the cat was out of the bag.  I didn’t even try to fit in; it felt pointless.  I just danced to the beat of my own drum and as much as my classmates were bewildered by it, I like to think I gave them a little taste of liberation in the all-girls’ Catholic high school I attended.

* How did you accomplish your greatest obstacle?  

Sisterhood.  Duh:)

* What’s a WILD secret you can share with us?  

Here’s a WILD secret no one’s talking about:  There’s a lot of talk about “plant medicine” these days. It’s wonderful that we’re beginning to once again acknowledge the incredible healing power of the plant kingdom.  But unfortunately, I see it being misused and abused.  Since the beginning of time, medicine men and women cultivated a relationship with plants which gave them the ability to utilize them for healing. The reason plant medicines are so powerful is that they have their own consciousness. Because of this, you can’t take a plant like you take a pharmaceutical or drug.  Just like when someone uses our bodies for their personal gratification, without consent and reciprocity, it’s called rape and is damaging to both parties.  Bring profit into this in the form of people “selling” plant medicines and plant medicine “journeys” and now you have a pimp in the mix.  I’ve been witnessing a ton of psychic wounding and pain stemming from this abuse.   

* What’s some WILD advice?  

Use a menstrual cup and offer your moontime blood to mama with your gratitude and prayers.  She needs us, she listens, and she appreciates our gifts.

* Why do you believe it is hard for women to find themselves?

It’s hard for women to find themselves because our culture encourages us to disown important parts of ourselves such as our sexuality, emotionality, and even our periods!  At the same time, we are fed images of what it means to be a woman that are totally removed from our authentic nature.

* What tip can you give other women learning about their Wild Side?

Get out in nature.  Swim in the ocean, sit on a mountain, press your body against the trunk of a giant tree, gaze at the moon, lie your body down on the earth.

“See the beauty of nature reflected in your body exactly the way she is.”

* Who is your favorite Wild Woman? My Mom.

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