Luna Love

Luna Love

Name Luna Love

Location Nomad, CA

Gender/RoleFemale – Wild guide

Instagram Handle – @lunaloveleadership

Professional Title & Super PowerWomen’s Leadership Mentor // Endless Well of Devotion

What’s your mission / purpose? – My mission is to dissolve the illusion of separation. I support and contribute to greater human alignment through the cultivation of awareness and congruent actions that allow all life, relations, and environments to thrive. My purpose is to be an endless wellspring of unconditional love for all and to support the knowing of our unlimited capacity in which we step into or out of in each moment of choice.

When & How did you know you were a Wild Woman?I always knew deep down, then I forgot for a long time… my journey has been that of an endless process of remembering.

What’s some WILD advice you’d give our guests?Trust your inner deep knowing, do not doubt this innate wisdom that lies within your body. When that voice of “I can’t” comes up, acknowledge it and send it some love and realign with the deep knowing of the person you came here to be, choose from that place. When you forget, which is inevitable, forgive yourself and try again, that simple act of compassion and forgiveness towards yourself in your forgetfulness brings you instantaneously back into alignment.


What do you think is the biggest challenge for people in today’s society?Self-trust, feeling subconsciously unloveable and worthy of the greatness they know they are.



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