Mantra Monday – Sat Nam

Mantra Monday – Sat Nam

By Sarah Haywood




Mantra’s are simple, building blocks for the mind that have IMMENSE power.


Man=Mind and Trang=wave or projection. Everything in this world, down to the subatomic level, is in constant motion, vibrating at a slightly different frequency.


We can use different mantras to tune our own consciousness to higher vibrations and redirect the mind.


These sound currents are like formulas that alter our subconscious thought patterns.


As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, I have heaps of mantras, for just about anything you could possibly want. From prosperity, peace of mind, increasing intuition and accessing creative power, to providing protection, clearing negativity, raising self-confidence and conquering self-animosity.


We don’t even have to know what the mantras mean in order for them to have an effect. I like to listen to mantras while I sleep, so my subconscious is effortlessly getting reprogrammed while I am resting.


One of my favorite, and simplest mantras in Kundalini Yoga is Sat Nam (pronounced Saat Naam). Sat means Truth, and Nam means the identity, or in other words, Truth is my Essence. Chanting this mantra out loud or reciting it in your head in a rhythmic pattern, is known to awaken the soul and give you your destiny!

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