Marly Benedicto

Marly Benedicto

Name – Marly Benedicto

Job – Meditation Teacher and Life Activation Coach

Superpower – Levitation

What is your mission/purpose? – I am here to create beauty and to express love. I am here to inspire people to fall in love with themselves again by helping them connect to their highest self. One of my favorite songs is by Rickie Beyers Beckwith, it’s very simple and it goes,”I love myself so much, that I could love you so much, so you could love you love so much, that you could start loving me.”

What makes you a WILD Woman? – I brush my hair when I want to. I create what I want to. I wear makeup when I want to. I write what I want to. I wear heels when I want to. I sing when I want to. I dance when I want to. I raise my voice when I want to. I nurture when I want to. I sleep when I want to. I eat, drink and do what I want to. And when I don’t want to, I don’t. – It’s that easy to be Wild. I release everyone’s expectations of who and what I should be. I don’t overly concern myself with what makes other people feel safe and happy. If they don’t want to be around me, that opens up the space for someone else who does. Everyone is happier this way.

When did you first know you were a WILD Woman? – I’ve always been a Wild Woman, growing up in the woods of Missouri. Covered in mud and paint, blackened bare feet and grass in my hair.

What is a defining obstacle you’ve overcome in your life and how did you do it? – I lost touch with my sense of self for a few years in my 20’s. I lost my vision to the stories of fear and not enough-ness and for a while settled for the a lucrative corporate career. Before I realized it I was held captive with golden handcuffs. I found myself in a career, a relationship and an identity that wasn’t my true self. Meditation was my medicine and kept me centered throughout this time. When I was 29 I threw everything in fire and came out a rising phoenix. The fear, shame, guilt of not saying YES to my true wild self became the stepping stones to diving deep and uncovering my true authenticity. I began studying ravenously, creating like wild fire and standing in my truth until the discomfort of being me melted into ecstasy and bliss.

What’s a WILD secret you can share with us? – I’m royalty

Can you give us some WILD advice? – Meditate. Meditate and Meditate more. This sweet space will always bring you back to yourself. It will teach you how to recognize and rely on your inner voice. To live life by intuition instead of outside influences. Also, you know the thing you’ve always been curious about, the thing that absolutely terrifies you? The thing that you can’t get out of your mind, as hard as you try… Well JUST DO IT! What we’re most afraid of are our biggest opportunities for growth. So what does “Getting Wild” look like to you? Does it mean shaving your long hair off? Does it mean asking your cute coworker out for a drink? Does it mean going back to school to continue your education? Lean into those edges, there’s expansion waiting for you!

Why do you believe it’s hard for women to find themselves? – The media presents a limited woman. We have shallow archetypes of which to relate to, and none of them are MIGHTY enough to showcase the many facets of a woman. We have been told to lower our voice, to wear constraining clothing, to spend time and thought energy on our hair and makeup, to be agreeable, and to step out of alpha.

What’s one tip you can give other women learning about their WILD side? – Lean into the discomfort. If something scares you, it’s an opportunity for growth.

What would you say to a woman if you could giver her ‘A GIFT’ in a few words? – You are loved, you are safe, and you are sacred.

Who is your favorite WILD Woman? – Bjork

Finish this sentence “I’m awesome because…” – I let my light shine bright, so that others may light their wick on mine and together we set the world on fire.

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