By Dr. Krystle Etri, ND


One of my all time favorite pleasures in life is sipping on a beautifully crafted, hot, medicinal elixir. Not only do they taste luxurious, they are deeply nourishing to every cell in your body.

Morning tonics can be a beautiful daily practice and self-care ritual. Make your elixir with intention and love, pour it in your favorite mug, journal your daily gratitude and know that your Wild Vessel is deeply nourished by this ultimate act of self-love.

Cacao —the original chocolate and the base of a delicious morning tonic – named Theobroma cacao literally translates to “food of the Gods.” Cacao comes from the ancient Mayan lands and in its raw, natural form is one of nature’s most fantastic superfoods. The cacao bean is one of the highest antioxidant rich foods in the world, with 15x the amount of antioxidants than wild blueberries and 20x the antioxidants of green tea. It is known as one of the ultimate longevity foods, protecting your cells from aging. It is the number one highest food source of magnesium and is exceptionally rich in iron, chromium, manganese, theobromine, zinc, copper and anandamide – the cannabinoid neurotransmitter known as “the bliss chemical.”

Cacao also contains phenylethylamine, known as the love chemical as its released in your body when you fall in love. Cacao has been associated with love and the heart by all cultures that have enjoyed its benefits – its chemistry generates the feelings of euphoria and connectedness. Yes, please!

So Wild One, are you ready to love yourself with this incredibly delicious, nutrient-rich elixir — nourishing you right down to the cellular level?

Ingredients for 2 cups of Wild Love:

♢ Organic, raw cacao paste or cacao powder – 3-4 large chunks or 3-4 heaping tbsp of powder
♢ Cacao butter – 1 tbsp or one small chunk
♢ Almond milk – 3 cups
♢ Cinnamon – Italian pinch (don’t be afraid to be a little extra generous)
♢ Cardamom – pinch
♢ Clove – pinch
♢ Vanilla powder – pinch
♢ Pink Himalayan Sea Salt – pinch
♢ Cayenne – tiny pinch for that extra ‘kick’
♢ Ghee – 1 tbsp
♢ Raw Organic Honey – sweeten to taste.
Can substitute with other sweeteners such as Stevia.

Medicinal Add-ons:

♢ Turmeric powder – 1 tbsp
Highly anti-inflammatory. Gaia Golden Milk is an amazing blend.

Heat all ingredients in a pot on the stove. Once heated, pour ingredients in a blender. Blend until frothy and creamy. Enjoy your magic in a cup.

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