Meet Dr. Cat Meyer

Meet Dr. Cat Meyer

Name: Dr. Cat Meyer

Location: LA

Gender/Role: Female / Wild Guide


Instagram Handle or Facebook Link: @sexloveyoga ;


Professional Title & Super Power? Sex Therapist || I can get anyone to play!


What’s your mission / purpose? My mission is to to help people create a deeply fulfilling, prosperous relational and sexual life by addressing the trauma and toxic cultural messages impacting our ability for authentic intimacy and reclamation of the body.


When & How did you know you were a Wild Woman?

Growing up in a small town in Missouri, I felt so full of inner feeling and passion that the traditional, conservative culture surrounding me felt stifling and shaming. Since I was very tiny I’d paint the most expressive, emotion-filled paintings that contained what I felt I could not express through my body. Over time, my artistic expression created the fantastical and passionate environment for me to live in, even when the space around me was muted. It wasn’t until I began to practice and then teach yoga at 20 that I was able to involve my body in this same creative feeling, expression, and release. Now to feel how open my body has become to allow the surge of energy and creativity to flow is incredible and expansive.


What’s some WILD advice you’d give our guests? To feel pleasure in your body, you must first learn to surrender and let go of the contraction you hold in your belly.


What do you think is the biggest challenge for people in today’s society?

We struggle with finding our voice and congruently speaking about our internal needs and experiences moment to moment. When we are silent, we can end up finding ourselves in relationships that don’t resonate, behaviors that don’t serve us, environments and friendships that we don’t really want, yet are perpetuated because we don’t feel we can speak up about it.

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