Myka McLaughlin

Myka McLaughlin

Name – Myka McLaughlin

Location – Boulder, CO

Gender – female

Role – wild guide

Website –

Professional Title or Super Power – Founder, WINC (Women In Community)

What’s your mission / purpose?

My mission is to support an economic and cultural revolution through women’s entrepreneurship, in the context of sacred women’s culture and embodied feminine business.

I founded WINC, a business-training program, that helps women entrepreneurs – especially artists, healers and creative types – create profitable businesses, doing what they love. WINC has taught 1000s of women, and 250+ women have graduated from WINC’s 90-Day business training program, that helps them start and grow businesses that generate up to $100K in revenue. The program helps women cut through the confusion and paralysis about their work and dharma, by getting them super focused on learning the business skills to create a profitable business model that actually generates money to feed them and their families. After proving WINC’s business training model in Boulder, Colorado, WINC now serves women across the US and internationally, with communities in Boulder, Denver,  NYC, LA and San Francisco. I graduated with distinction from the University of Colorado with a degree in Economics and International Affairs, and has been self-­employed since she was 15 years old.

When & How did you know you were a Wild Woman?

I knew I was wild when I had a whole body recognition of the chain-breaking, sexual potency of pop-star, Madonna, at age four. (Or at least my parents should have known then! 🙂 I knew I was wild when my best friend’s Catholic family rejected me because I went on my date with a boy at aged eight. I knew I was wild when my beloved, warrior father died a gruesome, unexplained death in our home. I knew I was wild when the small-town police station had me on the top ten “bad kids” in high school. I knew I was wild when I left home at 15 and moved to NYC by myself. I knew I was wild when I arrived at my second Burning Man at 22, and jumped on the first art car, hardly returning to my camp for 4 days. I knew I was wild when I got my ass in the presence of a master of feminine embodiment and crazy wisdom, and stayed there for the last 14 years. I knew I was wild when I left my loving husband at 32 to follow my Dharma, no matter what.

But now… now, I know I’m wild, because I’m softly honest with myself that I have yet to reach my true wild-ing… a listening to the soft pink pulse calling me deeper, and deeper, and deeper still, into heart-drenched devotion without a shred of fear or attachment to any outcome is the wildest way of all.


What’s some WILD advice you’d give our guests?

The wildest thing we can all do is finally get – there is nothing wrong with you.
Check out Myka’s recipe for breaking the “not good enough” spell HERE!


What do you think is the biggest challenge for people in today’s society?

Inequality of wealth and resources. This causes the power dynamics that cause our delusion that some of us can be more worthy than others, and triggers our most base fears of survival, causing all kinds of trauma, dysfunction and violence.

When our economy is synergistically transformed – alongside our social, cultural and governing structures – to support real well-being for every living creature, the base fears that cause violence and trauma will subside; the delusion that we are not good enough will dissolve; and power sourced from presencing our being state – rather than our bank account – will rein.

We will then each be materially supported to follow the soft pink pulse of our benevolent, wild ways.


Anything else you’d like to add? Maybe a question for our audience?

Honored to be a part of your tribe, love.

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