Perfect Imperfections

Perfect Imperfections

By Rachel Kadish

I am rising into deeper feelings of gratitude, appreciation, honoring & love of this beautiful Wild Vessel I have been gifted in this incredible lifetime.

I am so grateful to have been incarnated as a woman who can inspire other Wild Ones to fully accept & love their bodies, their temples, exactly as they are.

The heroes journey I’ve been on has taken me through major transformations of body, mind, and spirit. One of the most life changing transformations for me has been my shift from feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, wishing I looked like other people, shaming and hating my body, to fully accepting, honoring, and loving my body. 

In order to truly be FREE from the social confines I was born into, I must accept myself first & foremost despite all of what I’ve have been told are my “imperfections.”

Full acceptance and appreciation allows for a deep sense of self-love, self-worth & self-nourishment, which can then pour out onto everyone around me.

I have chosen to empower myself, give myself PERMISSION to step out of my comfort zone and experience what’s possible when I stop allowing other people’s opinions, (including all kinds of media; magazines, movies, TV shows etc) to dictate how I’m going to live my life and the way I feel about myself.

Once I gave myself permission to show up as the full expression of myself, then I became empowered. Once I became empowered, I could then become empowering;  helping others to stand fully in their power & be their authentic selves just by being my own authentic, unconditionally loving self.

We are all empowered leaders waiting to be shown the way; don’t wait, pave the way for yourself, be the kind of leader you want to see & choose wisely where you decide to lead people.

Together we are strong, together WE RISE!

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