Ready Yourself

Ready Yourself

By Sarah Haywood


This is a great month for reflection. A month to rest, nurture and nourish yourself. The intensity of Scorpio will coax buried treasure to the surface. Things are going to start changing tremendously, activating more growth and expansion. This is the time of massive change.


Health and healing are being brought to the forefront, giving us the opportunity to get to the core of what needs to be healed. Things from the distant past may be emerging to be cleared once and for all. It is a time to come together, in community and experience fellowship. Many groups, tribes, collectives, and circles are gathering to heal this disconnection that has been happening in the world for far too long. Now is a magical time for relationships and creativity. Dive into the depths with courage, determination, and your own individual style.


Now is the time for Self-Actualization. Allowing and owning your fullest and truest expression to emerge. Get over yourself, and give up blaming and judging others. Let the energies in you, come out in the open. Give them space to carry you in the direction of your dreams.


Now is the time to listen to the heart. Move beyond fear and give your wings a chance to grow. When you make a conscious choice to step into mystery, your metamorphosis begins.


As you shift from what you have always known to who you must be, your wings take shape and suddenly the cocoon breaks apart and you emerge fully formed, triumphant, ready to take flight.


When you start subjecting yourself to higher frequencies, you may experience contraction. You will try really hard to hang on. If you stay tuned into the higher frequencies, eventually the contraction will shatter into breakthrough, and old patterns will be released.


Envision your intention for the next phase of your personal transformation.


Ready yourself for what might come next.


Be open to the infinite possibilities.


This is a time of great change.


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