Yahli Rashi

Yahli Rashi

Name: Yahli Rashi

Gender/Role:  female / wild guide

Website: www.yahli.net (launching soon)

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/yahli.rashi

Professional Title & Super Power?  Manifestation Mentor

What’s your mission / purpose? What drives me is my purpose of empowering millions of people in my lifetime.
My passion to make our world awesome by allowing people to constantly get inspired, build on their visions, do what they love, create, live life in abundance and have easy access to more extraordinary people like them.
For me, that’s what makes this life worth living.


When & How did you know you were a Wild Woman /  Man – A Protector? I was always what I like to call an against-all-odds kind of girl.

I never liked schoolwork and failed at any subject I didn’t love, but I found more interesting and creative ways to feel loved and my character would always make up for things not meeting teacher’s typical expectations. At a young age I never really made it mean I was a misfit, I always preferred to believe I was just unique and gifted and that others didn’t get me, but instead of of holding it against them – I loved them and it was an exciting mission to be able to bring them into my perception of the world and show them how fun it could be to let go of the rules and be more self expressed. Of course, back then, I had no idea what it was all about and I had my share of challenges growing up – but I kept making it big, against all odds.

I failed at school but got into musical theater, I got kicked out of highschool but had an IT position at a global high-tech company before my friends graduated, I didn’t have the resources but I still made it to Hollywood at 21 and ended up landing a job with a Billionaire and so on. Fast forward a decade and I was becoming an entrepreneur, coach and leading my online community of 20-thousand personal development followers.

I learnt that anything is possible and have been working on mastering the art of manifestation, while teaching others how to make their dreams happen.


What’s some WILD advice you’d give our guests? Let go of knowing! (what to say/ what to do/ who to be)
We are all ever changing matter, if you allow yourself to let go of needing to have it all figured out and allow yourself to flow with whatever shows up in the magic of the moment – you will not only be more alive, self expressed and creative, source will flow through you creatively and you’ll be subliminally allowing others to do the same.


What do you think is the biggest challenge for people in today’s society?

People want to fit into a mold, to have their life figured out, to get everything all at once. But that’s not what we came here for.
We came here for the perfection of the unfolding. The more we let go of thinking what we should sound like or look like the more creative we become.

Many people in today’s society live in their head, over-thinking things, looking for solutions within the limits of their own minds, forgetting that they are creators, leaders, magical beings, vessels of source.

People are afraid to shine their light and spread their gifts, for the chance that they will do it “wrong” or be judged by others.

I think it’s time we brought together our authentic collective energy, it’s time we became wild vessels, fully self expressed and created a force that leads a revolution of love and expectancy, allowing ourselves and each other to tap into the highest expression of ourselves and practicing ways to spread that power to others.

It’s time we all embrace our gifts fully and share them with the world as are were meant to do.


Anything else you’d like to add? Maybe a question for our audience?

I love you. So much. And I’m honored to take part in this incredible experience and to bring my best self forward in helping the wild ones create some real magic together <3

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