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Wild Vessel is an immersive experience designed to empower the Feminine. Our events foster self-expression, deep learning, community connection, and personal transformation.


Wild Vessel is immersive experiences and an online platform empowering the Feminine. We invite a new conversation for a global audience of what it means to be feminine through education, dance and inner-wildness. Our events and platform help foster transformation, learning, self-expression, and connection. We stand for anyone who’s ready to access their full potential through vulnerable experiences that focus on the feminine in today’s society.



To create worldwide events that normalize the feminine in today’s society and unify a global community.

Our mission-driven, integrated platform is co-created by our coaches, movement teachers, tantra & relationship experts, and healers; giving people the tools to find diverse resources under one umbrella. Through experiential events and a digital platform based in community connection, Wild Vessel serves as the next foundation for feminine empowerment, leadership and dynamic connection.

We are a group of women, waking up humanity to their humanness, power, and connection to the planet.

We re-define what it means to celebrate your shadow.
We re-define wild.

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