Meet Jess Magic

Meet Jess Magic



Jess Magic




HEARTist, Coach, Consultant


What part are you playing within Wild Vessel?


Lead Wild Guide, HEARTist, Coach


What’s your superpower?


Helping people open their hearts and express their authentic voice.


What makes you a WILD Woman?


I am a WILD Woman because I am shame-less.  I don’t judge my emotions, my expression, my song, my dance.  I feel my body and I listen to her many many voices.  I have learned the romance between listening and expression and feel available to fluidly dance in their harmony as the moment asks.  Sometimes the moment asks us to listen and sometimes to express, and I love how that connects me to a certain level of presence as well as my wild, primal, divine nature.  This presence and awareness allows me to love bigger and more freely.


When did you first know you were a WILD Woman?


When I was 9 I staged a walk-out of my fourth grade frog dissection.  It was like the “Who’s coming with me?!” moment in Jerry McGuire when he stands up with his goldfish to an absolutely silent sea of officemates.  

I think in that moment I learned that I could do what I believed was right without anyone else’s approval or buy in.  (Although I did check in with Mrs. Katz ahead of time to let her know my grand plan, she definitely got a kick out of it all.)   


What is a defining obstacle you’ve overcome in your life and how did you do it?


I had a long journey with not feeling like I was enough.  I was anorexic when I was very young because I wanted to stand out at something. Being skinny seemed like the thing I could be the best at.  On a physical level I overcame that as I started discovering “healthier” gifts and talents, but scarcity in general ran deep in my family, so the “not enough” theme kept popping up in different ways.  

As I got older I started learning how to interrupt those thoughts and feelings by finding inside myself where I felt full, overflowing, or abundant.  All of these aspects of fullness or wholeness were more based on my internal environment rather then my external circumstances.  

One of the places I felt really full was in my heart.  I felt immense amounts of love for people in my life, for the planet, for animals, and eventually for myself which more deeply connected me to my love for what you may call “Spirit”, “God”, ”Life”, or a myriad of other names.  I realized I could effectively be in love with life and that I was a part of that.  When I would have moments of feeling the not-enoughness, I would tap into that deeper well, and pour that feeling into the areas where I felt scarcity or lack.  From that practice everything changed.      


What’s a WILD secret you can share with us?


Being a human is fun.  If you can treat it all like a game and not take yourself, your experiences or all the craziness of the world so seriously, and instead be curious…SO much opens up in your life and becomes much more pleasurable.  Even the tough stuff.


Can you give us some WILD advice?


Sing more.  I like to say “We don’t sing to be good, we sing to be free.”  Singing is one of the FASTEST ways to change our mental, emotional, and physical state.  It literally re-tunes us like the strings of an instrument, and helps us come back to our hearts when we’ve drifted into our heads.  I sing when I feel stressed or anxious.  I sing when I feel really sad.  I sing when I feel beauty and want to give something back to reflect that beauty.  Some indigenous peoples say that singing is one of the only ways we can help bring balance back for all we have taken from the Earth…but if you aren’t ready to go there, just try letting your own voice sooth you and uplift you.  Sing like you’d sing to a baby you love when no one is around, or like you do when you’re alone in the car or shower.  We are the only mammal whose anatomy came with a voice box (or larynx), so really, singing is a birthright that we all have.  So my advice is, sing to be free and sing yourself WILD.   


Why do you believe it’s hard for women to find themselves?


We are given SOOOOOOO much information about who we are supposed to be, what is pleasing, what we do that’s acceptable and what we do that is not.  We are the most naturally wild when we are babies.  We are the closest to our playful, uninhibited, animal nature, but also more connected to aspects of acceptance, love, joy, permission, expression, and trust.

When we start feeling the urge to “find ourselves” many of us have already been given years of codes, scripts, play books, instruction manuals, and how-to’s that are not written with our own unique gifts, the desires in our heart, the health of our spirit and call of our soul in mind.  Most of these scripts are given to keep us “safe” according to someone else’s idea of what safety is.  When we start redefining safety, we can begin transforming into who we came here to be and remembering who we really are, and who we have really been all along.    


What’s one tip you can give other women learning about their WILD side?


Trust your body.  Listen to the moments where your body gives you clues that make you feel open, relaxed, light ( I call that yes energy) vs. feeling contracted, constricted, nauseous, heavy (I call that no energy).  All of this is connected to your primal nature and also your intuition. When you begin to track the cues and clues of your body, you can give yourself space to check in and adjust your choices or direction as needed.


What would you say to a woman if you could giver her ‘A GIFT’ in a few words?


I have a song lyric that goes “I’m a wild woman, whose spirit can’t be tamed.  You can’t tame the river and you can’t claim the rain. Remember that you are nature.


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