Meet Scott Coady

Meet Scott Coady

Name: Scott Coady

Title: Embodied Wisdom founder

Mission: To introduce you to the power and possibilities of embodied learning – the key to self-mastery

Scott is the founder and executive director of the Institute for Embodied Wisdom and the founder and principal at Sage Alliance Partners, a consulting firm specializing in executive presence, organizational momentum, leadership development and the achievement of extraordinary business results.

For the past 25 years, Scott Coady has dedicated his life to understanding and mastering the science and methods for authentic self-change. “Self-mastery” is the art of making the changes necessary in order to have the life and relationships you want. And, when we do change our self, then others around us change too. They have to change in order to stay in relationship with us!

Scott shows you how leadership is a journey into the future and people need to trust YOU inorder to follow; and why it’s critically important for you to know that there’s a difference between doing leadership vs embodying leadership.

Wild Vessel is honored to have Scott here as Lead Protector. The wisdom he shares is potent, practiced and transformative. Get tickets to Wild Vessel at

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