Meet Wild Guide Greta

Meet Wild Guide Greta

Name: Greta Hassel Grace

Title: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Sexual Educator — Empowerment Activist
Mission: To contribute to the embodiment and empowerment of women in their womb and voice. To empower women and men in the science of relating, and the fire of love!
When I had my sexual awakening that changed the course of my life! I would say, more than I’m different, I am living, fully alive, on all cylinders in vivid technicolor!
Be rooted in your body, your womb, and the sisterhood, which will give you wings to soar!
Loving oneself is so important! Be interested and curious in differences as a path to creating harmony and beauty, vs. separation from self or community which results in becoming numb to survive, succumbing to inherited programming of the mind, or absence of emotions.
Greta is a true force of love and embodies the distinctions of healthy partnership with oneself as an access to finding your one true soul partnership in this lifetime.
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