Meet Wild Guide Rachel Kadish

Meet Wild Guide Rachel Kadish

Name: Rachel Kadish

Title: Intuitive Holistic Healer ~ Evolutionary Life, Self Love & Intimacy Coach ~ Sound Healer.
Mission:  To LOVE without limits, nurture, & reconnect all HumanKind to their hearts. Rachel is a guide to help others re-discover their purpose, awaken what has been lying dormant; remembering who they truly are ~ unconditional LOVE ~She is here to empowHer & give tools to those who are ready to optimize their life & INbody their most authentic self, anchoring *Heaven on Earth*
Rachel Kadish was born a wild child that could not be tamed.
We are here to be Lighthouses, guiding others safely home to the self by just BEIng ourselves. We cannot do that if we allow ourselves to dim our light so we can make them temporarily comfortable. Lighthouses don’t turn off their light for anyone or anything. They don’t go searching for lost ships to save. They remain strong, still, sturdy & consistent with unwavering belief in what they are. Shining their light without question for all to be gently guided home, just through INbodying that which they naturally are. Give yourself full permission to shine in your BeautyFull, PowHerFull & Wild Glory, & that will give others permission to do the same.
Find Rachel’s bright shining light one week from tonight in the Wild Vessel.
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